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       Welcome to the Stas Chocolatier web site. 

 We have a huge range of exciting chocolate goodies so have a look round and see what grabs you. 

Free delivery with all orders over £40 and a free bar of chocolate with every order! 

As from now we cannot guarantee delivery in time for the 25th of December so please bear this in mind when ordering.


Everything changes so drop by regularly to see what we are up to!  Follow us on Twitter @phillschocolate and on Facebook @ Stas Chocolatier or watch a short film! 


Everything on this site we make in our Kent factory by hand, with care and passion.  Almost all of our products are GLUTEN FREE but if you have any questions please call our help line on 07901 684 372.

latest products

700g Sweetie Easter Egg
Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Egg for Sharing!
  • RRP £20.00
  • £20.00
Chocolate Snowman 180g
A beautiful hand crafted White Chocolate Snowman.
  • RRP £6.00
  • £5.00
1.2kg Sweetie Easter Egg
A Giant 1.2kg Easter Egg made from our exquisite chocolate and lavishly decorate
  • RRP £30.00
  • £30.00
500g Easter Bunny
A hugh Easter Bunny lovingly made by our chocolatiers in our small Kent factory.
  • RRP £10.00
  • £10.00
200g Easter Bunny
An Easter Bunny hand made from our finest chocolate. Great as a gift or to trea
  • RRP £6.00
  • £6.00
Giant Plain Chocolate Bauble 200g
A handmade Giant Plain Chocolate Bauble 200g crafted from our rich and fruity c
  • RRP £5.50
  • £5.00
Giant White Bauble 200g
A handmade Giant White Chocolate 200g crafted from our rich creamy white chocol
  • RRP £5.50
  • £5.00
Giant Milk Bauble 200g
A hand made Giant 200g Milk Chocolate Bauble from our small factory in darkest K
  • RRP £5.50
  • £5.00