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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers!!

Everything on this site we make in our Kent factory by hand, with care and passion.  Almost all of our products are GLUTEN FREE but if you have any questions please call our help line on 

0208 311 3747.

latest products

1.5KG Giant WHITE Choc Egg
This is the Flower version of our 1.5kg Giant White choc egg we also have a Swee
  • RRP £45.00
  • £45.00
700g Plain Chocolate Egg
A 700g Easter Egg made from our delicious 70% Plain Chocolate.
  • RRP £20.00
  • £20.00
5 kg Giant Sweetie Egg
This is our 5kg Giant Sweetie Easter Egg. There is nothing to say except AMAZ
  • RRP £150.00
  • £140.00
3kg Giant Sweetie Easter Egg
This is our Giant 3kg Sweetie Easter Egg. An absolute must for charities and ve
  • RRP £100.00
  • £90.00
700g Sweetie Easter Egg
Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Egg for Sharing!
  • RRP £20.00
  • £20.00
Chocolate Snowman 180g
A beautiful hand crafted White Chocolate Snowman.
  • RRP £6.00
  • £5.00
American Football
A life size all chocolate American Football made from our delicious milk chocola
  • RRP £22.00
  • £20.00
An amazing milk chocolate Dinosaur made from 250gs of our lovely chocolate.
  • RRP £10.00
  • £8.00